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Winter Tips

Try to keep the temperature in your home at 68 degrees.
Shut off water supply valves to washing machine when away from home for an extended period of time.
Remove snow build up on your roof to avoid ice and snow damage of the roof and/or the interior of the home.
Disconnect electrical appliances during power failures to avoid damage from power surges when the power is restored.
Hoses should be disconnected from outside faucets.
Pipes under the kitchen sink are particularly vulnerable. Sink cabinet doors should be opened to allow heat from the home to enter.
All faucets should be checked before you retire for the evening and again in the morning.
If you will be away for any length of time, ask a friend or a neighbor to check your pipes.
Should a faucet freeze, you can thaw an inside faucet easily with a good hair dryer. Outside faucets, however, usually require both a hair dryer and plenty of hot water.
Should a pipe burst, the following steps should be taken immediately:

- Water should be shut off at the main valve. If the break is in a hot water pipe, the valve on top of the water heater should be closed. (It's important for you to know the location of water valves.)
- A plumber must be called. Keep an emergency number nearby.

Finally, remember that a pipe doesn't necessarily burst the first it freezes. Sometimes it takes several freezes and thaws before damage occurs. However, care and forethought could help swing the odds in your favor.

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